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Like I expressed before I thought she could be a fake. I explored her and perused through her site and reached through her site. Her reaction was convenient and screening was easy, we then set a period for the following day. After screening she gave me the secret word to her private display on her site.......damn her unedited pics where far and away superior. Discuss a face, takes after a youthful Angelina Jolie. 
She went to the restroom to tidy up and came back to set down adjacent to me to for a little talk. She is a remarkable astute lady, incredible conversationalist, our arrangement streamed superbly. Inside a matter of 10 minutes I was prepared for cycle 2, taking a gander at her ideal exposed bosoms turned me on to such an extent. I began going down on her advice her legs shook with the huge O. She promptly umped on me for some Cowgirl CFS....she rode like an ace tell I flipped her over for some K9. Goodness!! She has a lovely shapely ass. She groaned and cherished it tell I came. I could have laid there for a considerable length of time however acknowledged I was expecting to return to work, she welcomed me to clean up with her which was a sensual ordeal inside itself. We got dry then got dressed and kissed me one final time before I separated. 
I will see her again whenever I'm in London.
by Rufus, from Berlin | Written on 2016-09-19
When I entered her inn room, London Escort, welcomed me with an astounding DFK in a charming dress. We kept up the DFK as we stripped each other. She quickly tumbled to her knees as I was unfastening my shirt, fixed my belt and pants and began a stunning BBBJ. Bunches of spit and eye contact and amazing DT. I think she is learning in light of the fact that somewhat of a muffle reflex however those tears gushing was quite wonderful. I couldn't hold it any longer and saved cycle one down her throat. My awful as to not knowing whether she gulped or not but rather she didn't have much decision. She appears to be exceptionally cool about it however it is not my style to do that without asking and things just advanced too quick with London Escort.
Very quickly, she was DFKing again and junior began to return to life. She again went for BBBJ until a spread was on and we entered wish. She is tiny and I am entirely huge so I could truly turn her each which way and she was thoroughly getting into my hurling her around. She moved to CG and she knows how to ride. Better than average at different the pace and flawless little B-containers to play with. I moved her to doggy with me remaining at the edge and truly beating her. I couldn't hold it any more and blasted. She tidied me up, we talked a bit and I was headed back to work. Fabulous fun.
by Deven, from London | Written on 2016-08-15